• Image of Diva Mosaic Tattooed Mannequin Arm

The first arm in my series of "Mannequin Madness" this totally off-the-wall piece started with a broken watch. My boyfriend at the "time"...no pun, intended gave me his glitzy watch with a cracked face knowing I would find use with it. That watch became the inspiration for my soon to be tatted arm. "Diva" was designed with an eclectic mix of discarded dazzling jewelry, mosaic tiles, and broken fine china. From the back of a Forever 21 dumpster in the heart of Hollywood to an art gallery wall. It's the classic rag to riches story. She needed a final touch and keeping with her past days of modeling I adorned her finger with a ring that I bought from Forever 21. Diva will be out of a dumpster and landfill forever and I feel good knowing that something so casually discarded has been reborn.
Ready to hang in your home, office or tattoo shop where she will be admired because you know she's a Diva now, not a dummy :)

28" x 4"
Ready to hang

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